[Tutorial Kitchen n°6] The Mojito !

What better for a summer mojito fresh ?

Today we meet for a quick and easy recipe to prepare a delicious mojito .

For this you will need:

Ingredients ( 1 glass):

- 3 cl Syrup Monin Mojito Mint
- 4 cl Cuban rum
- 1/2 lime
- 7 mint leaves
- ice cubes
- sparkling water

Preparation of the recipe :

1- In a glass , pour the syrup Monin Mojito Mint and Cuban rum

2 Crush the lime, add the mint leaves and fill with ice

3- Fill with soda water and stir

It's ready ! You can sip your mojito home!

It was pretty short but effective ;)

Tell me what you think ( . If you have tested the recipe) , it would make me very happy ;)

See you soon,

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