Hi ! I really hope that y’all are doing well during this Covid-19 period. I am back writing articles about what i like and maybe selling some stuff (go check it out). I haven’t been writing for a long time due to the fact that I had to work my baccalaureate by myself. As you maybe know, I have a disease named « Alopecia Areata » so I have to take some medications (if you want me to talk about it leave a comment). It was very hard for me to go to school with no hair/lashes/eyebrows and people not wanting to talk to me (I had to wear a wig and tattoo my eyebrow and eyeliner). I was very stressed out and it was bad for my disease, plus due to the medication I was sooo tired.

So I decided to stop school to prepare my Baccalaureate alone, at home. It wasn’t easy but to be honest, I really liked this kind of work. I am a lot less stressed and I started a new treatment that is growing my hair back ! (eyebrows and lashes too !!) I am really happy and so excited about it.

I’ll to write with more frequency and update yourselves about how it’s going on for me.

See y’all soon 😀

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